It’s no secret that a good affiliate program can play a huge role in growing your community. To truly build the sound money of tomorrow means that we all on some level have a role to play in driving adoption. Really, when you get down to it, it’s the community that is building the LODE monetary mass, which is why we’re ecstatic about our upcoming revamp of our affiliate program!

In this straightforward re-vamp, everyone has the opportunity to become an affiliate, the ability to track how their rewards and the number of affiliates they have with an all-new affiliate dashboard. This means you’ll be able to see in real time, how you’ve impacted the growth of the LODE community. Additionally, we all know social media can be a powerful ally in getting the word out, so we’ve made it easier to spread the word by embedding social media options that will be right there in your dashboard. Last but certainly not least our new, lucrative compensation structure means that both you and your network get rewarded for their first initial purchase.

So how much do you get rewarded? When someone registers through your affiliate link and contributes their first donation of 100 oz of Silver both you and your associate will receive an additional 10 LODE coins. It’s a literal win-win scenario. How much is a LODE token worth? We are limited in our ability to speculate, but take a look at our independent review conducted by one of Canada’s top boutique investment firms Evans & Evans to see their thoughts.

Excited to be an affiliate and get the word out soon? So are we, which is why we’re pleased to announce that thanks to the diligent work of our tech team over at atomic47 Labs, we are expecting these changes to go live at the beginning of October!

New Affiliate Program Features:

  • New Affiliate Dashboard
  • Easy to use affiliate link
  • Easy to use social sharing icons
  • New, lucrative, win-win rewards structure