We are very excited to announce that our new affiliate program is now live! As mentioned in our earlier article, this new streamlined and revamped model will allow for easy tracking and sharing of your lode affiliate link. We want this program to be accessible for everyone which is why all that’s needed to get access to your link, is register. The new payment structure rewards you everytime a new registrant that uses your affiliate link makes their first contribution to the LODE Monetary Mass. This article will walk you through how to make the most of the program so that you can earn, and help spread LODE’s vision to your communities and beyond.



1) Register to become a member of LODE
2) Make sure you’re are on your “Dashboard,”
3) Underneath you contribution summary you should see your affiliate link
4) Press Copy Link
5) Paste the link into any social platforms, networks, and emails you feel like.
6) Wait patiently for your friends to register and make their first contribution to the LODE monetary Mass
7) Your affiliate dashboard updates automatically as rewards are earned.
8) Find new friends and places to share your link!

That’s all there is to it! We look forward to rewarding our active community and seeing how you spread the word about the LODE Project!