The team here at Atomic47 Labs is very excited to be part of the LODE Community.  As the technology components build out, we will be sending updates to keep everyone apprised of all the technological advancements and provide the greatest possible transparency on our efforts.

Today, we are very happy to share our first of many update reports with all of you. In general, the team has been optimizing the codebase, refactoring for speed and security in preparation for our Token Generation Event, releasing the LODE Tokens to our community! Here are some of the initiatives that we are working on:


  • Redesigned codebase for members area.
  • Optimized performance, user experience and transparency.


  • Navigation in the application has tripled in speed.
  • Button clicks are more responsive.
  • Data Querying/Response time has been greatly improved.
  • Older communication devices and mobile phones now can properly navigate the application. Load/render times have been improved.


  • Mobile users should be very excited.  Page data is properly stored in cache, no longer requiring a full page reload for 95% of the page, meaning loading times are reduced significantly.


  • Individualized page routes have been created to better secure the website.


  • The dashboard now shows data that is relevant to your current order. Logging into the members area will now provide further transparency.


  • Much of the implementation was focused on making the Members Area more user friendly.  Although there are some slight modifications to the design to the Members Area, further changes will coming in the next several weeks.

Tech Changes:

  • We are planning for more frequent updates to the members area.

We hope that you are as pleased as we are with the work that has been achieved in recent days.  In the coming days and weeks, we will be continuing to work hard to reach the LODE Community’s objectives.

Feel free to contact us via email at or join our Telegram group: