Lunyr, a decentralized encyclopedia and world knowledge base, has announced new updates for its platform.  Built for Ethereum, Lunyr’s content has increased significantly since its alpha release in January of 2018.  This Wikipedia of blockchain represents information that is peer reviewed before public release, as well as its decentralized nature preventing third party interference.  Seven of top ten most visited sites online are connected with the searching of information, according to Alexa rankings.  However, how much of this information is 100% accurate?  With so many possibilities for false online data out there, major problems arise when millions of people accept these inaccuracies as truth.  Lunyr rewards its contributors with native app tokens, or LUN, for information contributed.  Lunyr’s knowledge base platform will be an API that will allow for tomorrow’s applications for artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and more.  These rewards will create the future groundwork for reliable information with tomorrow’s decentralized applications.

Arnold Pham, CEO of Lunyr explains:

“In the early stages, Lunyr will serve as the go-to resource for reliable, easy-to-read, and unbiased information about current and upcoming crypto projects. Once we grow a solid community of readers, we will aim to expand into other domains of knowledge, including but not limited to, innovative, bleeding edge topics in Finance, Law, Investment, Science, and Technology.”

Advertisers will also be able to purchase Lunyr tokens to market their services, and can acquire LUN either from earning rewards, or purchasing tokens directly from exchanges like Binance, Bittrex, Huobi, HitBTC, GATE and Big ONE.