Legolas project is set to launch their cryptocurrency exchange handling cryptocurrency and fiat assets in Q3 2018. A fairly new exchange, Legolas has already raised over 1500 BTC ($15 mln) during their private sale earlier in the start of January. The Legolas project is also partnering with the Makor group brokerage firm specializing in a range of fiat financial instruments such as FX, derivatives, and hedge funds. Together, the Legolas Exchange and the Makor Group are creating the first regulated cryptocurrency exchange meeting the needs of institutional investors.
Over the last decade, institutional money managers have been slowly moving capital into alternative investment portfolios in order to diversify as a hedge against current financial markets and also profit from risk adjusted long term returns. By 2020, global assets in alternative investments will grow to $18 trillion from $10 trillion present day.
Through this fiat-cryptocurrency partnership, clients will have access to both fiat currency through Makor, and a multi-signature cryptocurrency account managed by Legolas. Legolas is expected to bring large-scale cryptocurrency trading to a level of quality and transparency that hasn’t been seen yet by providing a hybridized exchange that incorporates a decentralized ledger within its proprietary centralized platform.
Legolas is launching to the public on Feb 1st, 12 pm, G.M.T. with a hard cap of 2000 BTC. Priority will be given to users that participated in the token sale, and plan to add more members as they release newer versions of the platform later this year.