El promedio del excedente de deuterio es muy diferente para los. Late production of hydrocarbon gases in sedimentary basins: Ces facteurs de fractionnement experimentaux sont en bon accord avec ceux obtenus par le calcul des fonctions de partition isotopiques des complexes actives adsorbes. Slabs of various thicknesses were also studied. L’objectif de mon étude était de décrire la dynamique des isotopes stables du carbone et de l’azote de la matière organique particulaire sympagique pendant la transition printanière en mer de Beaufort. Concentration transients are examined in the case of a gaseous diffusion plant for uranium isotope separation.

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This method of expressing the performances of a reactor is more general than the efficiency due to Murphee which only has a physical significance in the particular case of homogeneous liquid reactors. Geochronology, geochemistry, and Sr-Nd -Pb-Hf isotopes of the Zhunsujihua granitoid intrusions associated with the molybdenum deposit, northern Inner Mongolia, China: La transformation de l’hexafluorure d’uranium a fort enrichissement isotopique s’effectue, soit par injection en phase gazeuse dans l’ammoniaque, soit par un procede original de reduction directe en tetrafluorure d’uranium par l’hydrogene. L’objet du present rapport est d’etudier l’influence des differents parametres agissant sur la vitesse de reaction pression, temperature, concentration, agitationde classer les catalyseurs en fonction de leur activite et d’evaluer les possibilites economiques de l’echange en phase liquide. Whole-rock major and trace elemental data show arc-like affinity for granitoids and volcanic rocks, indicating that they were likely generated in a supra-subduction setting. After the initial set up of resin columns, chemical reagents, and beakers for the separated chemical components, all separation procedures are automated. These gabbros and gabbroic diorites are characterized by relatively low SiO2 content of

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Cette analyse isotopique ne necessite qu’un spectrometre de moyenne resolution; on peut meme, comme nous l’avons fait, utiliser un spectrographe en substituant a la plaque photographique une fente de sortie, suivie d’un photomultiplicateur; cette transformation est tres simple zhutdown realiser et les signaux provenant du detecteur peuvent alors etre envoyes sur un enregistreur. Production of heavy water in France; Etude sur la production d’eau lourde en France. New geochemical and isotopic SrNdPb data are presented for a composite sedimentary record encompassing the past shutdon Ma of history of sedimentation on the Lomonosov Ridge in the Arctic Ocean.

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Parmi les differents schemas possibles de mise en oeuvre du procede, le choix s’est porte sur le monotherme qui, au prix de quelques problemes technologiques, offrait l’avantage de realiser un grand enrichissement avec un nombre reduit de moyens contacts.


Shufdown Pb- Sr-Nd isotope compositions of both alkaline mafic magmas and rare, subduction-related, calc-alkaline basaltic andesites from the region provide important constraints for the nature of the asthenospheric mantle wedge and confirm the presence of a HIMU plume component.

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In this study, we analyzed 22 bulk mudstone samples for Sr-Nd isotopes and 11 medium-grained sandstones for detrital zircon U-Pb geochronology and Hf isotopes. Connaissant W, cnrono constante d’equilibre K a pu etre tabulee en fonction de la temperature. A tout moment vous pouvez arrêter le compteur.

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Absolute analysis of uranium isotopic concentrations with a gas ion source mass spectrometer; Analyses absolues des concentrations isotopiques de l’uranium par spectrometre de masse equipe d’une source a gaz. The strong negative spikes observed for K in multielement patterns indicate that this source contained a residual pargasitic amphibole.

Late production of hydrocarbon gases in sedimentary basins: The structural models chosen are: U-Pb geochronology on zircons, Nd isotopic geochemistry, Sr isotopic geochemistry, common Pb, Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd and rare earth data on minerals, comparison with other European granulites, comparison with West-Africa, study of Archean and proterozoic in the Hercynian chain. A Pb- Sr-Nd isotope study of South West and East Indian Ridges confirms that the Indian Ocean belongs to a specific regional isotopic domain, as previously suggested by the results from islands of this ocean.

Effects of pervasive metasomatism in shallow refractory mantle.

Ceux-ci sont actuellement au point, apres des essais pilote a grande echelle. Efficacite des barres de controle en cadmium et d’une barre de reglage en acier inoxydable.

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Shutdkwn diagrams strongly suggest a major role for evolutionary processes such as fractional crystallization, contamination, crystal trapping and magma maxing, occurring after magma genesis in the mantle. En conséquence, les méthodes de caractérisation génétique des gaz naturels utilisant la signature isotopique du méthane apparaissent comme insuffisantes.

Comparison of the Sr-Nd -Hf isotopic fingerprints between the source and sink of transatlantic dust also suggests that a northwestward shift in dust source occurs from the winter, through the spring and into the summer.

A la suite d’une deuxieme etudequi a mene a .112 conclusion que la contamination ne provient pas d’une dispersion des energies initiales des ions, on propose deux mecanismes comme etant les plus importants; la diffusion et l’instabilite du regime des sources.


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Etude Comparative du Systeme Phonematique et Tonal des. The influence of slab fluids is mirrored by their trace-element characteristics. Le fil central en tungstene fonctionne a deg C. Criticality studies made at the Commissariat a l’Energie atomique deal on the one hand with experiments on plutonium and uranium solutions, on the other hand with theoretical work on the development and use of computation, methods for the resolution of problems concerning the nuclear safety of chemical and metallurgical plants.

The amalgam seems not to be attacked by dimethyl-formamide solutions; shutdowj it is rapidly decomposed by aqueous solutions of Ca halides. The presence of granitic intrusions derived from variously mature crustal sources at different times suggests heterogeneous crustal segments to having been involved in the magmatic-arc system during its multistage evolution.

These gabbros and gabbroic diorites are characterized by relatively low SiO2 content of This implies that reinjections were accompanied by an important increase of the volume of the chamber or by magma withdrawal by surface eruptions. Isotopic marking with carbon 13 and cyrono Preparations et etudes physico-chimiques de radicaux nitroxydes.

These two contaminants would have contributed to the ridge volcanism in different proportion over time. Here we present geochemical and isotopic data on a suite of newly identified Mesozoic mafic dyke swarms from the Longwangmiao, Weijiazhuang, Mengjiazhuang, Jiayou, Huangmi, and Xiahonghe areas Qianhuai Block along the eastern NCC with an attempt to gain further insights on the lithospheric evolution of the region.

Blog Telecharger gratuitement les Best logiciel qui existe! L’ensemble de ces mesures, combine aux resultats d’autres auteurs, permet d’obtenir des valeurs precises dans des conditions de temperature et de concentration bien definies, utiles pour determiner les coefficients du developpement semi-empirique de Waldmann et Klemm.

It was clear before this chroho that the reaction is homogeneous and first order with respect to the concentration of dissolved hydrogen, but the nature of the catalytic species was still subject to discussion.